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Reward Points

Pure Prestige Ltd would like to thank you, our esteemed and valued customers for your loyalty and for choosing us for your cleaning needs; To show our gratitude, we have introduced a points reward system to give you discounts on your regular cleaning or for gift vouchers for friends and family.

Reward Points  (100 = $10)

Points                Description

1x Free Clean    1 year Anniversary of using our services (Single Time Reward)

150                      Recommending us to a friend

100                     6 months anniversary of using our services (every 6 months - repeatable)

100                     For becoming a regular ongoing customer (Single Time Reward)

50                       Ironing (1x Hour Minimum)

50                       Oven cleaning

50                       Fridge cleaning

50                       Garage Cleaning (Full Clean)

50                       Window Cleaning (For both Inside & Outside only)

30                       Free, once every month for all our ongoing customers (50 points after 1 year)

30                       Extra one off cleaning (Spring Clean)

10                       Monthly for each successful recommendation (Capped at 100 Points - repeatable)

Reward Points will be written on your invoice and updated for you every month, you can save your points or exchange them for vouchers for your friends and family or exchange them directly for discounts on your regular or one off cleaning; And most importantly, your reward points do not expire