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  • Pure Prestige offer a variety of services that are second to non, for both commercial and residential clients, with over 20 years of experience, we offer the best clean money can buy.

  • Our cleaning solutions and module training is focused on providing the highest quality service available.


  • Pure Prestige utilise environmentally friendly products of the highest quality, we spare no expense for the safety and confort of our customers.


  • Every Employee is meticulously trained to the highest standard by using our star system training modules, our staff is trustworthy and can be counted on to deliver the best and most thorough clean every time.


Residential Services


What is the difference between a normal clean and a great clean? The answer is simple, 'attention to detail'.


To return home to a meticulously clean environment that is safe for children and pets, to find that even the hard to clean reaches and recesses are free of dirt and dust, this is the mark of excellence.

Pure Prestige Ltd

Office Services


Your office; Your place of work, the place where your customers will get their first impressions of your business; A place that must be absolutely looking it's best at all times cannot be trusted to a cleaning company that is looking at the clock the entire time or that promise a total clean of everything and fail to deliver.


Pure Prestige will not promise the world, we will deliver 100% of what we promise and deliver it at it's best every time, Trust your office only to real proffesionals

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  • Pure Prestige is always grateful to our loyal customer base, and so we offer seasonal discounts.

  • Pure Prestige also offer regular discounts on a rotating 1 or 3 monthly cycle.

  • Designed to reward you for using our services and thank you for your ongoing support, you can apply these discounts for varied ongoing services that you require as well as for extra work needed, discounts can be used for any extra services at any time.

  • Seasonal discounts apply to all of our customers and will usually be better than the 1 or 3 monthly regular discounts, keep a lookout for these.


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Eco Friendly

  • The use and implementation of environmentally friendly detergents and chemicals is the right step in helping to keep New Zealand green.
  • Our Eco-friendly cleaning solutions means the use of eco-friendly products that are gentle on your valuable furniture and surfaces, our friendly staff care about the environment and we will recycle waste if it is possible where ever possible.
>>> Pure Prestige is a proud supporter of a sustainable and green New Zealand <<<



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Contact Information

PO Box 259156


Auckland 2163


Phone: 09 3917194

Mobile: 022 1007191

Hours of Operation

Office hours:

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 4:30pm

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

Cleaning Hours of Operation:

Mon - Sat: 24 Hours

Sun: Closed (Unless Pre-arranged)

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